Cuddles…Doggie Style

Puppy cuddling at my house is very interesting.

Otto is not a frequent cuddler. He rarely ever tries to climb up for some lovin’….so when he does I take alllll I can get! Notice how he is giving some distance between the two of us. Ahhh, yes. This is what puppy cuddles should feel like. Laid back and relaxing.

Now Millie…..oooohhh, Millie. She is always down for some lovin’. I tease that she would live in one of those baby carrier/backpack things if we let her. And as for distance?? PSSHH! Who am I kidding? She doesn’t even know what distance IS!! I mean, look at that schnooozz! SHHEESH! Can you get any closer?? Good thing I love her dearly. :0)

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