Millie & Otto

Hi. We are Millie and Otto.

Welcome to our very own page! Let us tell you a little bit about ourselves…

We are brother and sister and we love eachother very much. On a typical day we try to fit in at least one disaster for our mommy to clean up. It’s basically our job. This page is where we will document all of our exciting adventures.

Come back every now and then to check on what we’ve been up to! To read about our crazy adventures, all you have to do is check under our header(“Millie & Otto”) above. Hope to see you soon!

Hello, Millie here! Here are a few things you should know about me…

I am 2 years old.

I love my parents so much that I cry every single time they leave me. Ok “cry” may be a bit of an understatement, but nonetheless, I can’t stand to be away from them.

My favorite thing to do is tug. Well that is if there isn’t trash to knock over, cabinets to open, or treats to get off of the table. I am a master of all things mischief!

I don’t know what personal space is. After you pay me attention, I will not leave you alone. I will try everything to get in your lap, in your face, lay across you, jump on top of you. There are no bounds to my love. You will receive it, whether you like it or not!

I love my brother, but is wasn’t always this way.  I was pretty mad when I first learned he was here to stay.

I must have my head propped up on a pillow before drifting off to sleep.  I even have my own personal pillow. Doesn’t everyone deserve to be pampered every now and then..I mean, ehh everyday? Umm. Yes.

Hello, earthlings! My name is Otto.

I am a very serious boy. And by serious, I mean seriously funny!

I am 1 year old and 80 pounds.

I do not know my own size and strength. I can be found running into walls, knocking things over, or just clowning around.

I love my sister, Millie, more than anything in the world. She is so smart and always know what to get into next!

Tennis balls are my thing. Show me a tennis ball and I’m yours! I can fetch for hours without stopping. I will bring that ball back to you no matter how hard or far your throw it. My mom even has to make me stop fetching to drink water.

I am shy when I first meet you, but once I’ve gained your trust we can be best friends! My bark is definitely bigger than my bite.

I have my own bed to sleep on at night, but I prefer to crawl in bed with Millie and share her pillow. She growls at me, but that’s how she shows her love. Typically I am not one to cuddle, unless it’s with my Millie!

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