Get Your Chowder On!

I recently channeled The Pioneer Woman.

It’s been chilly here lately and when that happens I usually look for a warm, filling soup to make. My favorite thing to do is fill my bowl, put on my fuzzy socks, sink into the couch with my sweetie and catch up on my DVR’d shows(DVR’d is now an acceptable word, right? Yeah I thought so).

My mom recently told me about seeing this recipe on the Pioneer Woman’s new cooking show(Food Network). Immediately I bookmarked the recipe knowing I wanted to save it for the next cold evening in the forecast.

You can follow the link below to read the full details and exact measurements for this recipe. I only made a 1/2 recipe because I do not have an army to feed like Ms. Drummond does(although I’m sure my pups would appreciate a bowl of this as well).

The Pioneer Woman’s Corn & Cheese Chowder

Here are all my ingredients.

 (Ignore the oatmeal container to the right. I assure you I did not add this to the chowder.)

Now before I tell you how delicious this chowder was, let me tell you a little funny story about my corn-purchasing adventure….

The night before I made this we went to the grocery store. It was a Sunday night, the grocery store was packed, and we were both just ready to geeeeet oouuuutta theeeere!! I ran through like a madwoman with my little list. On my list was canned corn, but not just any canned corn. I wanted white corn or sometimes called “shoepeg” corn. I always have plain ole regular canned yellow corn on hand, but I thought the white corn mixed with the yellow would make for a nice combination as well as add a little more sweetness.

If you read the recipe from The Pioneer Woman’s website you’ll notice that she uses fresh corn on the cob. Well, I didn’t see any in my grocery store, so that is why I was trying to mix the white corn in(to keep me from having to run to another store hopefully make it a little more interesting).

So back to the grocery store and my crazy brain

I ran down the canned vegetable aisle and scanned the rows for my trusty shoepeg corn. I found it, buuuuut right next to it was my absolute faaaavorite cheapskate label, “Great Value”. Ah Ha! You see, my favorite Green Giant Shoepeg Corn is a liiiiitle pricey and I needed quite a few cans. So without reading the label, I grabbed a few cans of Great Value White Hominy Corn and ran out the door.

Fast forward to the next day when I was opening my cans to add to my pot. Shoepeg corn is a small kernel that is very light in color and has a sweet flavor. Weeeellll, as I soon found out….White HOMINY corn is NOT! It looks bloated and resembles a slimy little brain, not a cute little sweet kernel! UGH! So much for being a cheapskate! Bloated brain in my chowder was tooootally not what I was going for! I don’t care how good they might taste, it looked nasty!

So back to the recipe!

The first thing I did was cook up my bacon. The recipe says you can do this before adding your other ingredients(which is the way I did it) or you can throw it in to cook as your building the base of your chowder.

I chose to cook it before so I could get rid of most of the cooked-off fat. This isn’t exactly a low-fat recipe, so I thought I’d do what I could to cut calories. I used my dutch oven for this recipe and it worked wonderfully(when doesn’t it work wonderfully though? Dutch ovens are awesome!).

After draining the bacon, I added the diced onions. I didn’t get every last drop of the little bacon remnants out of my dutch oven, so that it would provide some extra flavor to the onions.

While sweating the onions, I set my bacon aside to drain on a papertowel.

After the onions turned slightly transparent, I added in the drained bacon and all of my diced  bell peppers(red, orange, and yellow). Oh, and if you end up making this, spend the extra few cents to get ALL THREE colors of pepper! It makes all the difference in the flavor…plus visually it’s just plain prettier!

The gist of this recipe goes a little something like this……add ingredient. cook. add another ingredient. cook. add anooooother ingredient. and coooooook. So here we go again…

I added my CORN! Yesss, my YELLOW corn. Not my beautiful, sweet shoepeg corn…..all the while kicking myself for being in such a hurry in the grocery store the night before.

Add corn and cook for a few minutes.

Add chicken broth and cook. Sprinkle your flour and cook. By this point, the flour should make your chowder thicker and a little more, well, chowder-like. 

While this was thickening(for about 15 min.) I shredded my cheese, chopped my green onions and measured my half-and-half.

After that, all you have to do is add all that yummy cream, peppery cheese, and crisp onion and let simmer until serving. You want all your cheese and cream incorporated completely before serving.

There you have it….

Cozy bowl of chowder….check!

I ate mine with a few tortilla chips. It definitely added a little but of a crunch that I like with a creamy soup like this one.

Next time I make this recipe I will most likely go the extra mile to get find fresh corn. I think it would add an extra sweetness that canned corn just doesn’t have.

It was still awesome, though! I have already written this recipe down and saved it in my recipe box. Cheese and Corn Chowder will definitely be making another appearance at my house very soon!

Doesn’t this just make you want to put on your cozy PJs, grab a blanket, and sit by a fire with  a warm bowl of this chowder? So yummy!

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  1. Yum!!! I’m making chili tonight but this corn is sounding much yummier!

  2. This sounds delicious! Why is shoepeg so hard to find?! I needed shoepeg, specifically for a recipe and went to the dexter kroger and it was nowhere to be found! Not even in the green giant brand. I did find it on another trip but kroger only carries green giant shoepeg apparently which is, as you said, much pricier :/

    • I’ve had the best luck at Walmart, actually. They usually have it but the Green Giant brand only makes the shorter cans and they are more expensive! So less corn + more expensive usually means I don’t buy it very often. Haha.


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