Thrifting Envy

This past weekend I had my heart set on finding some old, worn nightstands in hopes I could put in a little hard work and elbow grease in to give them new life. By the end of the day Saturday my little head was hung in disappointment.

Let me back up. Ok you see….I have a mom and sister who are literally the thrifting QUEENS! On any given day they will walk in with a cute outfit on and I will say, “Ohhh love that! Where’d ya get it??” and they will say “Oh just Goodwill.” How does that ALWAYS happen? And it’s not just some sorta cute top or generic skirt. It’s always name brand jeans, in-season gap blouses, old navy dresses, etc! For example, this past Sunday my mom walked into church with a gorgeous, perfectly fitted coral top that just complimented her perfectly. Of course, just like always, she found it at a thrift store. I’m convinced they have a hook-up that works at Goodwill and calls them up whenever some snotty, stuck-up lady dumps her trash bags of name brand clothes at the door! Unbelievable….

So there you go…I have thrifting envy. I just admitted it. I want the hook-up! Rewind to this past weekend. I was determined to find my nightstands and haul them home for their awaiting makeover. That did not happen. Not for this gal. Oh no.

First stop was Salvation Army…

In my opinion this store is a bit over-priced, even for a thrift store. It’s newer, so maybe we are paying for the new carpet, etc. Who knows.

There were a few options I found right off the bat.

I like the natural element to this nightstand, but the one thing I know I need is storage…aka drawers! That’s probably the #1 “must-have” on my nightstand wishlist. So I moved on…

This little gal was just down-right cute, but she was just a little too leggy for what I needed. She would be so cute painted mint green and some new vintagy knobs.

There were several problems with this one. First of all, while the other solid wood nightstands were marked $20-30 bucks, this laminate pair was marked $49 each! Whaaa??? I just thought that was ridiculous, but it is a perfect example of things that you find in a thrift store.

Here’s where things got interesting. Just as I thought I was about to leave I saw this…

Remember this??? It was nearly identical! I was floored. A little oil-rubbed bronze paint for the hardware and a bight new color and I was in business!! I literally jumped up and down in the middle of the store.

Well that is until I realized they only had ONE!!! How could this be?? I looked all over the store, asked every salesperson I could find to no avail. I knew I wanted matching nightstands and that was a must. So reluctantly I walked away.

I did go to quite a few other thrift stores, but someone must have gone before me and bought all the good pieces! Ugh! Oh well. That nearly-to-good-to-be-true nightstand was on my mind all day. I even went back to the store the next day just to find out that it was gone! I was hoping that maybe the other one was just hidden or in the back and they had brought it out. Nope!

So I’m still on the hunt. Oh, and I’ve got a new strategy! Maybe ill take my little sister or my mom with me….like a lucky charm!? Hey, I’m not above resorting to desperate measures!

After the not-so-fruitful thrifting trip, I did what any sane girl does, I took my disappointed booty to Marshalls. And what do you know….I found my rug soulmate! I may not be so lucky at thrifting, but I was always can find something at Marshalls(ok, ok I know everyone can…Whatever).

This finding turned my frown upside-down(cheesy, I know)…but it did! I’ve always loved ikat patterns, but I’ve not seen this color combination before. What sold me was that the blue/green is one of the colors that I have in my living room(adjacent to the kitchen) and the yellow is in some of my accent colors downstairs. Now, I am not a matchy-matchy person, but I do think it is important for your rooms to flow. So my new ikat looovah accomplished two things….1. flowed with the rest of the connecting rooms. and 2. provided interest to my boring kitchen(my house is a rental, so please keep in mind that if I owned this house I’d be painting those cabinets a bright white and replacing those beige counters with stone of some sort. Oh and I probably would get matching appliances. Duh).  It was a win-win for everyone. All better.

Does anybody else have thrifting envy? Or are you a “Thrifting Queen” like my mom and little sister? Does anyone else lick their wounds by going to Marshalls? Do tell…

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  1. Brenda Bennett

     /  February 14, 2012

    Go to Covington or Millington and check out some of their old stores and when it gets warmer check out their yardsales. This. Last year I saw some good looking old pieces on my way to Matthews. I saw an old very small roll top desk I have kicked myself ever since for not buying it.

  2. leah

     /  February 14, 2012

    I used to have great luck at yard sales with clothes and with home stuff but more so accent pieces than furniture. i haven’t been thrifting in a while but I’m with you, marshalls and TJ’s are my best friends!


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