Buy What You Love

Sometimes I get the question, “How do you mix so many elements and make it work?” I do realize that some people like a “theme” or a “color story” for each room in their house….that’s fine for some people but when I think about the spaces I love the most, they are always eclectic spaces with many different elements and without a forced theme.

So here’s my answer…..Buy what you LOVE!

It’s really that simple to me. I know that there are a million fancy formulas out there, but this has always seemed to work for me. There have been so many times when I’ve been shopping or thrifting with someone else and when I tell them what I plan to buy they give me the “Are you seriously going to pay money for that thing” look or they say something like “But you don’t have ANY brown in your living room!!”. To that I usually just say something to the effect of…throw all those rules away! or “Just wait until you see what I’m going to do with it.”

So here’s a list a few things that I have purchased that I LOVE…..

1. Glass

I love all the different blues and greens that antique glass provides. When you put them all together in a grouping it just amplifies the look. It also gives your space a little bit of “sparkle”.

I have collected all these glass pieces over time. I pick them up everywhere including thrift stores, antique stores, and Hobby Lobby. Oh and a little secret….the green bottle in the back left was from a specialty drink that Nic picked up at Walmart recently. I just took the label off and ran it through the dishwasher! Free is always best!

2. Rustic Coffee Table

I consider my overall style as modern with clean lines, but still warm. I guess you could call it “modern” or “warm contemporary”. I like the look of worn, rustic pieces mixed with the clean lines of glass and steel elements. When I was looking for a coffee table I though about glass options or just plain painted wood, but nothing was really jumping out at me. I wanted something with some interest or something unique. Enter my rustic, reclaimed wood coffee table. My mom previously had this in her living room but upgraded to a bigger table that matched her new furniture. When I first thought about using this table I wasn’t sure about how it would look. It was more country than I thought I wanted, but once I put it in my living room it all made sense. It was the perfect contrast against the clean lines of my contemporary couch as well as the glass and metal side table and sofa table. I think it is quite possibly my favorite piece I have right now.

This table actually came from a flea market where it was originally an old farmhouse table with longer legs. My mom quickly spotted its potential and picked it up. She had my dad cut the legs off to a standard coffee table height.  Good eye, Mom!

Oh and ignore the sparse, under-accessorized pic above….this is when I had first moved into my new house. I had yet to buy my rug and the many accessories I have in there now.

3. Fun Art

I was reeeeaaally trying to avoid purchasing the next item on my list. When the Missoni craze happened last summer at Target I told myself, “Nope, not going to do it.” Even though I am in loooooove with chevrons of any sort, it was more important to me to avoid getting the Missoni bug and running out and purchasing something from the collection just like every other person did. I don’t know, call me crazy but sometimes when EVERYONE likes something, it makes it just that much more appealing. Maybe its just my way of trying be unique….I don’t know. Anyways……what was I saying? Oh yeah, art….

So after everyone and their mama got over Missoni I guess my particular Target had so much left that they were forced to clearance it all out. Weeeelll, as I was checking out the clearance I saw these two framed tiles. Hmmmmm, they were originally $34.99 and now they were $6??? Whaaaa?? I just couldn’t resist. I knew exactly where I was going to put them(above my bookcase) and I snatched them right up and took them home with me. Turns out I’m not as strong as I thought! Ha.

So all this to say, something that is important to me in my space is the feeling of whimsy. I choose to do this through my art choices. I think the chevrons are a fun pattern and a bit unexpected. I am not as concerned with matching all the art in my room or even the colors. The only thing I try to do to keep it uniform is to choose all the same color and type of frame. These tiles are frames in a simple black, chunky frame. They are very similar to the frames behind my couch that contain some photographs of our vacation to New York City three years ago. Matching the frames gives your room a cohesive look without it feeling all “matchy matchy”.

4. Unexpected Prints/Colors

I think everyone knows a pop of color brings more interest to a space(or even an outfit), but sometimes people forget about prints! When I purchased my curtains below I cannot tell you the reaction I got from the person I was shopping with. “You mean you are going to put those in your guest room?? But you don’t have black and white in there and your TV stand is YELLOW?!?!!” Psshh, i thought. Who cares. My guest room has a VERY neutral, boring futon and gray walls. Not much going on there!

The curtains are from Target and I got them on sale for $11 for the pair. I’m pretty sure the print was meant for a kid’s room or something, but for that price I figured if I hated them I was only out $11 in the end.

I found the TV stand on the side of the road in my neighborhood ready to be taken by the garbage man. I gave it a coat of primer and paint and put it in my guest room. No, there isn’t any art in the room that contains yellow, no yellow pillows, and not even a yellow picture frame. *Gasp!* You see…that corner of my guest room is visible from the top of the stairs. I wanted to create a moment of unexpected visual interest when you’re walking down the hall and I think the curtain print/yellow TV stand accomplishes this.

All this to say…..yes there are rules and basic design principles, but sometimes you have to know when to throw the rules out the window and just buy what you LOVE! And in the end if nobody else loves your room, at least you will!

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