Taking Design Advice From Dogs

A while back I made a few new pillows from napkins I bought at Target($9.99 for a set of 4). By the end of the project it cost me around $15.00 for 2 including the batting(I used a 40% coupon at Hobby Lobby). I usually only purchase pillows with down insert for the durability but I cut a few corners when I made these.

That is where these little creatures come in…

Millie is our 2 year old lab/greyhound mix that is full of energy.

Otto is a lab/australian shepard mix that is just about a year old.

Millie is definitely the leader when it comes to mischief but Otto will definitely do anything she tells him to. I sorta think of them like Pinky and The Brain….just getting into anything and everything after we leave the house.

Rewind to about 3 weeks ago when Nic and I left for date night. We were gone for maaaaaybe an hour and a half only to return to THIS…..

Sometimes it surprises me what they can accomplish in such a short amount of time! If only I could channel that energy into something productive!

There were a few things displaced but the only real victims were my two newly sewn throw pillows. Yes, ALL that stuffing is from TWO PILLOWS!! I could hardly believe it. It literally took my breath away when I walked into the house.

The only good thing that came out of this awful situation was it was a perfect excuse to go shopping for some new pillows for the couch. My first choice is always TJ Maxx/Marshalls(same thing, right?). Of course it didn’t take me long to find something I absolutely loved. When I saw these pillows I literally picked them up and RAN to the register! The color and tone of the fabric was exactly what I was going for….it is a stylized print in a cool tone without being too boring or theme oriented. Plus they have DOWN inserts! I love the fact that you can squish and lay all over the down and then just fluff them back up and it look like nobody ever touched it! Love it!

The price was a little more expensive than I usually like to pay, but it was worth it. I try to mix more expensive pieces with lower end pieces to create an affordable, eclectic look that I find homey and cozy.

After bringing the pillows home they were PERFECT with the tone and style of my existing rug as well as accomplished my goal of bringing in some subtle color that I felt was lacking.

Oh and if anybody was wondering what happened to the naughty little  pillow murderers……now they have their very owns “bedrooms” that they spend time in when we’re gone. :0)


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  1. I love it! Naughty puppies!


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